Serving our Parish, Serving our Community


 St. Mary’s congregation reflects the great diversity of the Baltimore region. People are drawn to St. Mary’s because of the sense of openness, fellowship, family size and outreach to all sectors of our community. Universal stewardship is both preached and practiced at St. Mary’s. We acknowledge, accept and celebrate the stewardship of all of God’s creation.Listed below are examples of our activities and commitment to the stewardship of God’s resources. They express St. Mary’s congregation and the fact that “we put our faith to work” not only in our parish but across the region.

  • A liturgy that is based both in the roots of the Episcopal Church as well as being open to local expressions of worship.
    • A vibrant and progressive music program which includes:
    • A full choir comfortable with traditional to contemporary music
    • A two octave set of hand bells used in a choir setting and special events
    • A Rogers Allegiant two manual organ
  • Strong program of pastoral visitation to home bound and hospitalized members.
  • Active participation in the Small Church Movement of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland.
  • A strong partnership with our sister Parish, Christ the King.
  • Participation in the Patapsco Valley Regional Council
  • Preparation of a parish based sustainability strategy to put into practice the responsible management of our resources.
  • An active Vestry that reflects the variety of interest and talents of our congregation
    • A designated Junior vestry for our young people to develop special initiatives for service and outreach.
    • Children's Moment during the service.
    • Church School for our young people
    • A partnership with the Catonsville Emergency Assistance Foodbank
  • A dedicated Altar Guild that cares for the many historical service related artifacts, vestments and preparation for services.

By no means is this an exhaustive list of the activities that St. Mary’s embraces. Our dedication is expressed in many and varied ways often given quietly by members of our parish. 

5610 Dogwood Road, Woodlawn Maryland 21207